2 min readOct 5, 2022

Most Powerful Referral System Web3

“The Criptovision Family” is a web3 MLM referral platform to create a strong community of holders and “Decentralized Autonomous Partners”, where holders of academic NFTs can get automatic rewards by promoting Criptovision products and services.

An academic NFT has more advantages than any other NFT even though its market value is grater than millions!

Academic NFTs starts from 50 BUSD to 5,000 BUSD and comes with:

  • A Course or many courses
  • A drop of VSION tokens to be used in class or to STAKE and FARM in VsionSWAP.
  • Access to the most powerfull referral program starting from 10% up to 70% value of NFT in BUSD.
  • VSION tokens give access to participate in Criptovision Ecosystem Rewards twice a year!
  • VSION tokens can be converted to SAD tokens to have more advantages and rewards in Criptovision later!
  • VSION tokens as a utility token will be used in the entire ecosystem as a mean of interchanging value!
buy me at https://vsionfam.com

This NFT comes with:

  • 25,000.00 VSION
  • 3 elite courses at VsionPAD
  • 30% rewards when referring a friend!

VsionFAM version2

This version will give more power to promoters and students soon (nov 2022). Users may build a network of referrals and get even more rewards from the invitees from first referred ones!

So this way promoters or students may access to potential bonuses for creating a big community of Academic NFT buyers and VSION holders!





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