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Asset tokenization, digital transformation, Smart Contracts, cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), web3, the Metaverse, and the use of modern disruptive technologies in general, allow the implementation of complex and advanced ecosystems. Entrepreneurs and businessmen enjoy better tools and globalization is facilitated; however, the business model is always the same: One person or a few people are the sole owners of the business. And, that is normal in the business world. But what about the people? those who at a global level constantly seek not only to participate to generate an economic incentive, but also to be part of one of them. The latter is only possible with the acquisition of shares of the company at birth, which for 99.99% of users will be simply impossible because there is no model that allows them to participate in those acquisitions.

That is why CRIPTOVISION was born, a company created in a traditional way that decides to create a community and participatory environment allowing all the people who wish to become co-owners.

To do this, Criptovision decides to tokenize the company with a supply of one billion CRIPTOVISION (VSION) tokens where its constitution shareholders renounce 100% of the shareholding, to allow the VSION Tokens to boost the company’s actions, becoming the “first” company to break into the traditional world to open the company to all users who purchase the VSION token.

Each person who has in their possession (HOLD) a CRIPTOVISION token is considered a HOLDER co-owner of the company and is recognized as a “Decentralized Autonomous Partner” (SAD) and the possession of VSION tokens allows them to participate in the distribution of 100% of the results of commercial operations year after year.

Each HOLDER has multiple options to act with the VSION token; from benefiting from the company’s decentralized financial services (DeFi), to STAKE and FARM on its own platform or TRADING with the token on the exchanges where it is listed ( and

The company has created several digital tools where users of VSION tokens can access other benefits such as the referral program and generate income of up to 70% from the sale of academic NFTs. These academic NFTs can be redeemed for core courses and elite courses found on the academic platform.

Users can also create, sell and buy artistic or general interest NFTs on the Vsion NFT Marketplace platform.


We are a Blockchain Ecosystem that integrates digital solutions based on Web3, Metaverse, DeFi, NFTs and Decentralized Education with tokenized emotional payments.


A platform that allows interaction with multiple decentralized finance products such as Swap, Staking, Farming, Liquidity, etc. having VSION token as the dynamizer acting as Utility, Liquidity and also as an Asset Backed for the entire ecosystem.

It is a BEP20 token created on Binance Smart Chain. It is a utility token with multiple functions to harmonize the entire CRIPTOVISION ecosystem as a DAO.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000.00 VISION


Symbol: VSION

Decimals: 8

Smart Contract: 0x4bbd4fa12b2b874a13e9555f5c5d0f6ad035acc3


Intercambiar | PancakeSwap — …




1inch — DeFi / DEX aggregator on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum

We are preparing to list VSION in Centralized Exchanges like, HitBTC, Okex, Binance, etc ..


Decentralized Academic Platform that allows emotional payments (NFT) to teachers by students according to their level of satisfaction, boosting the performance and income level of the teacher.

Any natural or legal person with academic credentials or proven experience can create and share quality academic content.

Teachers or content creators will be able to register their work as intellectual property using the Vsion NFT Marketplace platform. All users of the platform will be able to create a Blockchain Digital Identity to interact on the platform.

VsionPAD will have an offer of high interest courses prepared by teachers of different nationalities and languages with current topics such as Digital Transformation, Disruptive Technologies, Blockchain, CryptoFinance, Gov-Tech, Digital Marketing, Electronic Commerce, among others.

Users rate the teacher by giving an emotional payment (I like, I don’t like, clap or apple); these emotional rewards are NFTs redeemable for VSION tokens. Each teacher will be able to exchange for another cryptocurrency or ecosystem token using her Metamask.

Access to VisionPAD is through an annual, monthly or specific course membership. All means of payment are accepted including cryptocurrencies and tokens such as VSION that allows greater benefits.
Students can earn VSION by referring courses through the referral program ( They also earn more rewards by making a Liquidity Contribution or Staking at

Vsion NFT Marketplace

The first platform that allows you to create, buy and sell NFTs with Intellectual Property registration using TimeStamp, electronic signature and Blockchain. We use additional digital tools that generate trust and allow us to offer users more evidence about the works (NFT) whether it is art, photography, music, video, books, letters, wills, etc.

Vsion NFT Marketplace launches with a group of well-known global artists, they will be the pioneers on the platform and will be easily recognized by the color of their profiles.

Vision LABS

It is the main business unit of the company that is dedicated to developing customized digital solutions for all types of clients using Blockchain technology, web3, metaverse, smart contracts, marketplaces and ecosystems for various industries.


VSION VR, It is a Criptovision Virtual Reality platform that will be based on the commercialization of virtual lands where users can build, sell, advertise and everything that the Metaverse allows. This platform allows the inclusion of modern games where users interact with cryptocurrencies and tokens validated by Criptovision. Games and competitions on the platform will have rewards in VSION tokens. Access to portals and the use of tools, vehicles and ships or sophisticated weapons can be purchased and sold with VSION tokens. Multiple metaversic activities such as Trading, Real State, electronic commerce, virtual museums, contests, conferences, sporting events, concerts, classes, etc. can be enabled. A new way of learning is coming, interacting with virtual museums, video games, virtual commerce, academia and virtual space travel.


VsionFAM is a web 3.0 Learn to Earn tool that promotes education in Cryptofinance and Blockchain Technology.

Connect your Metamask (BSC) wallet and acquire one of our courses. Enjoy learning and acquire knowledge and skills that allow you to stimulate more options in your personal finances.

VsionFAM automatically distributes 50% of the sale of each course or membership you recommend. The reward payment is generated instantly when the referred user acquires the course and pays with their metamask.

Academic memberships are useful NFTs that will also allow you to participate in draws for tokenized prizes in activities organized or participated in by Criptovision.


In the crypto world it is normal to see millions of people speculating on the price. Buy and sell hoping to win on volatility!

CRIPTOVISION offers its users the opportunity to speculate and CHOOSE to own the ecosystem at the same time. Being a holder of VSION tokens allows in V1 (version 1) to participate in the distribution of tokenized rewards every July 28 and December 31. In V2 (version 2), CRIPTOVISION will allow all VSION token holders to choose to own the company by exchanging their tokens for one of the SAD NFT memberships that will be available only in the Cryptovision ecosystem.

Only SAD NFT memberships and locked STAKE/FARM holders will receive tokenized rewards semi-annually and monthly thereafter.

The VSION tokens that are used to acquire or exchange for SAD NFT memberships will be burned, which will allow a considerable reduction in circulation and therefore its scarcity will lead to a much higher value of the Cryptovision token.

CRIPTOVISION is empowered by creating an inclusive business model that allows turning VSION Holders into “Decentralized Autonomous Partner” (SAD).

SAD is our inclusive, disruptive and decentralized BUSINESS MODEL that allows global participation in the CRIPTOVISION ecosystem.

It allows all users who own VSION Tokens to literally become a Decentralized Autonomous Partner (owner) of CRIPTOVISION and grants the right to distribute 100% of the results generated by the ecosystem based on the number of tokens in HOLD (V1).


Being a Liquidity Contributor in VSION/BNB, VSION/USDT, VSION/BTCB, VSION/ETH, VSION/CAKE, VSION/GQ and VSION/WOOP or other pairs in the DEXs where VSION is listed will generate a participation percentage that the DEX are distributed for each trade, in addition to price fluctuations that can favor or disadvantage liquidity providers.
This payment varies according to the policies of each DEX (example: Pancakeswap grants 0.17% for trading commissions).
To become a Liquidity Provider, you must have VSION and the collateral token of your choice in equal proportion. We clarify that by contributing Liquidity to the DEX you are not delivering your investment to CRIPTOVISION, you always control 100% of your investment and you can withdraw whenever you want.
You should also know that there is a risk of Transient Loss (Impermanent Loss) which means that as the market acts you can have more tokens of one and fewer tokens of the other.

The VSION/BNB pair is currently the one that enjoys a FARM protocol on our own platform, the rewards are in USDT with an APR of approximately 28%.

At users can enjoy FLEXIBLE STAKE and LOCKED STAKE allowing them to get more VSION tokens daily.

Economía del VSION token

Token Economy and Total Circulating

Total Issuance: 1,000,000,000.00 VSION


Symbol: VSION

Decimals: 8

Smart Contract: 0x4bbd4fa12b2b874a13e9555f5c5d0f6ad035acc3

Token Distribution:





A Blockchain Ecosystem that integrates digital solutions based on Web3, Metaverse, DeFi, NFTs and Decentralized Education with tokenized emotional payments.